Customs House

Originally built in 1914 on the massive granite foundations of Victoria’s 1898 Post Office, Customs House is one of Victoria’s iconic buildings. Cielo Properties, with designs by Paul Merrick Architecture in collaboration with Studio One Architecture Inc., is leading a complete rehabilitation of the site. The project preserves the best of the historic structure, transforming it into a striking contemporary mixed-use collection that will serve as a vital gateway to the city’s Old Town district. The renewal and seven-storey addition brings 85,000 square feet of new residences, with endless views of Victoria’s Inner Harbour. The project includes 15,000 square feet of new pedestrian-friendly retail space – a welcome addition to the neighbourhood.


Development Type: Mixed use, residential apartments and ground-level commercial
Size: 85,000 square feet residential, 15,000 square feet retail
Height: 7 storeys
Location: Southwest corner of Humboldt and Government Street, Victoria, B.C.

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