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Project Description



440 Parry Street Victoria.

Heritage BC Award of Honour Recipient

The Redstone at the corner of Parry and Michigan Streets in Victoria is a fine example of adaptive re-use, converting a 90-year-old garage into contemporary condominiums.

The garage was built for David Spencer Ltd, Victoria’s first major department store.  Architect Percy Fox designed the brick garage in1918 to accommodate a new fleet of horseless delivery vehicles. In the 1940s, the garage was bought by the Government of B.C. and used for offices, until being acquired by Stan Sipos, Tinney and Associates to be re-purposed once again.

A highly creative design called for a low-profile second floor to be dropped onto the roof, reached by stairways at each end and an external elevator. The compact condos are open-plan, with lots of glass and skylights and nine-foot ceilings. The asymmetrical design accommodates two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

This is an imaginative vision – the developers can be congratulated for preserving the integrity of the site, and the City of Victoria can take credit for encouraging this adaptive re-use.