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Cielo Properties

Cielo is a Spanish word. In English, it can mean heaven or sky.

This Cielo website represents the work of developer, planner, and builder Stan Sipos and his company Cielo Properties Inc. Stan has been improving the nature of Victoria for over three decades. With vision and sensitivity he has been responsible for some of Victoria’s signature landmark developments. In many cases Stan forged the path that others have followed. With a strong belief in maintaining the fundamental nature of Victoria Stan has improved the landscape for businesses and residents alike. His work has received the Heritage BC Award of Honour.

Stan adheres to his belief that Victoria is a wonderful city to live in, surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty and unparalleled human spirit and talent. Throughout our history, Victoria has attracted visitors from around the world seeking to experience all the city has to offer. It has been among the best cities in the world to raise a family and build a life. Stan Sipos and Cielo Properties strive to improve this already heavenly resource.

rendering of building